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fashionable white living room

Interior Decorating Trends 2018 – What’s Your Decorating Style?

Interior Decorating Themes – What’s Your Decorating Style? There are a variety of decorating themes from formal to informal and everything in between. Which one best describes your decorating style? Formal Traditional Furnishings and designs from the Renaissance, Baroque, Early and Late Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian eras. This style is shown with fine […]

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Romo Saphira Contemporary Prints

HOME WITH SUMMER TRENDS 2017 at Interiors By Design

UPDATE YOUR HOME WITH SUMMER TRENDS 2017 As soon as spring and summer move around, I have a craving for refreshing my home. I don’t know whether it’s the sun giving me a huge amount of vitality but the moment April hits I need to get my home “Summer Ready”. Obviously, it’s on the off […]

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